Team-building in a virgin forest. Team-building in a virgin forest. Team-building in a virgin forest. Team-building in a virgin forest.

Travel through a virgin forest


The monotony of city’s life has made “field survival training” a valuable plan. Do you know how to make fire when matches are damp? How to get a pheasant roasted beneath earth? How to find water and tell directions? How to identify different wildlife and give emergency treatment? You view of life will be definitely changed after taking this field trip.


In China, we will choose the places unfamiliar to the participants, with complex topography plus a mysterious aura. There you may see unprecedented sceneries deep in mountains, a thickly forested land with unknown flowers and crystal streams. At night, you may put up a tent, light a campfire, chat and count stars with your team members. At such moment, you will feel a strong sense of togetherness even if no one utters a word, with everyone listening to some distant howling of those lonely animals far from your tranquil peace.


The journey won’t be an easy one, so everybody must take into account the following questions before they go: Are you healthy? Do you have a strong mind? Will you flinch in face of danger? Are you willing to help those needed?




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