Special Incentive Travel Rewards


The true sense of incentive travel is not only travel. The purpose of Incentive travel lies in the communication of enterprise culture, enhance staff's sense of honor, strengthen team construction. Special award travel let ordinary tourism become a journey that can improve current situation of the team.


Special incentive trip emphasize personalized experience, the participants can feel the external world from sports, and gain spiritual satisfaction, at the same time create a more outstanding team.


Special award travel chooses the destination with original natural environment and cultural environment, such as borders, historical landscapes, desert, mountains, minority residence.


We general choose unique natural ecological scenery for special incentive travel, where the industrialization influence degree is low, and the ecological environment is original; we also choose areas that have long history and unique culture, which is cultural attraction to the participants.


Travel with a transforming touch, life begins at the end of your comfort zone.



Forms of Special Incentive Travel


· Sports Travel
· Adventure Travel
· Natural and Humanistic Travel


Sports Travel   Adventure Travel   Natural and Humanistic Travel






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