Ethical Incentive Travel Rewards


Ethical reward travel blends a luxurious incentive trip with a community development element. A simple formula that is far more potent and memorable than a mere “jolly” at a beach resort. So, what makes an ethical travel reward better than standard incentive travel.



1. People are looking for a story that is bigger than their own


For millennial in particular, working for a company that is doing good is no longer a wish, it is essential. They want to feel good about what they have achieved and about the company they work for. Though it is not just the millennial, allowing employees to do good is a great way to build employee engagement.


Doing it all “on company time”, whilst staying at that gorgeous resort at the same time just adds to the reward. Let your top performers discover for themselves, that their company is a caring employer and serious about sustainability and give them something to “tweet” about.


2. Experiencing new cultures brings its own rewards


Immersing yourself in the local culture turns it from a trip into a journey of discovery. Imagine how a game of football with some street kids or ensuring that some orphans now have a dry place to sleep, will transform your trip.


Yet, you won’t live these moments at the bar in the Six Senses (which by the way we thoroughly recommend), you’ll enjoy them whilst volunteering alongside local people in a community. Encounters such as these add authenticity, interest and most importantly emotion. It is this emotional element that makes the trip endure long into the next reward period.


For global companies the need to bridge cultural divides is an ever present challenge, so why not make the lesson fun and interesting. Or use it as a good will gesture for a new market opportunity, whilst you all learn about the culture.


3. Learning new skills on the side


A study commissioned by the City of London indicates that other new skills can be developed as a result of volunteering and these skills would be more costly to attain through normal means.


What people learn will depend on the project, but a safe structured environment means everyone has the opportunity to try something new.


4. Bonding and growing the network


The digital world has made it possible for people to work from anywhere, but sadly the casualty of this practice are the people who can feel disconnected.


Incentive travel provides not only a great venue for top performers to network and share ideas, but working together on a volunteer project also provides the opportunity to form a strong connection. Shared stories and memories can go a long way to forming solid friendships.


5. Budgets and stake holders


In the past couple of years, many companies had to tighten their belts and at the same time there was growing concern over green credentials. Despite the proven effectiveness of incentive programs, some companies were struggling to get budget approval for these trips.


Fortunately our incentive programs are far more than company splurge. They make a real difference to the communities they touch. This makes it so much easier to gain stakeholder support for a program that is improving employee engagement as well as strengthening the company’s social credentials.






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