You need a passionate, motivated, responsible team, but don't know where to start.


The traditional outdoor expand training is boring? You are looking for new idea and significant project to do team building?


The traditional sightseeing tourism always makes you feel despondent? You are looking for more meaningful incentive travel plan? You have a great idea, but because lack of local resources, you cannot implement execution?


Leave the most difficult thing to us! Newferry Experience help you solve all the problems you have in team construction and incentive tourism projects, We understand your needs, and we can make project plans according to your demand, using all kinds of resources, environmental conditions, we design the most suitable project plan for you . More importantly, we have a professional executive team to ensure that all the creative plans can be carried out.


You have only to do one thing that you are good at: manage a great company.


Service Process


We perform a thorough needs analysis, assessing your group’s mission, objectives and goals. That way we can match your group with the right humanitarian program and location.


Event Planning:

Based on the needs that have been identified we will customize the program to give you a fun, rewarding and memorable experience.


Program Implementation:

Advance-phrase preparation according to project execution plan

Communicate with you about preparation progress as the occasion demands

Integrate of destination resources

Equipped with professional service team to meet your individual needs

Provide emergency plan


Follow-up Services:

Provide picture and video material of the projects.


At the destination:


· We will manage all facets of your travel experience including the following:

· Site Selection / Contract Negotiation

· Hotel Bookings

· Air and Ground Transportation

· Local Guides

· Meeting Coordination and Planning

· Activities

· Spouse Programs

· Sports and Recreation

· Themed Parties and Events

· Tours and Excursions



We can also help you with the following:


· Meetings

· Team Building Exercises

· Leadership and Development Training

· Corporate Retreats

· Education Travel Excursions

· Company Theme Activities

· Annual Conference Planning

· Sport Games

· Staff Family Day

· Enterprise CSR Theme Activities