Special Projects


We can remember 10% of the information we read;

We can remember 20% of the information we hear;

We can remember 80% of the information we experience.


Newferry Experience is a professional company that provides and develops innovative experience courses; Newferry designs special projects according to the status of the team, develop a unique personalized curriculum program that applies to the team building for all levels of the company.


We rarely use the traditional outdoor expand projects, because such projects are lack of innovation, thus are unable to adapt to the specific team-building demands.


Newferry's curriculum research team has a very rich theoretical knowledge and practical experiences, we believe we will provide you a suitable team building programs.


Tips for team-building


· Promotion of enterprise culture, shaping the team’s spirits

· Establish a common goal for the team

· Promote mutual-understanding between team members, enhance trust relationship

· Increase communication efficiency

· Establish effective teamwork

· Use technical research to promote innovative thinking

· Face the pressure to perform and seek a breakthrough

· Improve team working atmosphere, emphasize self-improvement

· Guide the team consensus, adapt to the change of organizational development




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