Elite Expand Camp


Behind every great company, there is a splendid elite team. They may be scattered in various jobs, but it is precisely because of their outstanding contributions that promote the development of the company. Therefore, how to persuade these elite to stay, and allow them to continue to play a greater efficiency is a question every manager needs to consider.


In team building, we need to focus on the elite group who not only help to dig their greater potential, but also play a demonstration effect in the entire team. Elite Expand Camp is designed for elite team to maintain and increase their ability.


Elite expand Camp is a new model of team building. Within a fixed time period, the Elite Expand Camp get together the elite members of the company, and bring them into a completely unfamiliar environment, such as: the desert, island, grassland, Gobi, highland forest, through a series of tasks, they will face various of physical, mental, emotional challenge, conquer these challenges can make them team more integrated.


Elite Expand Camp is a glamorous, desirable group activitiy. Because the participants are all elites, pooling them together and sharing successful experience is the best kind of learning. The most important thing is how to design process, so that they have the opportunity to summarize and share.






· Sales elite

· Outstanding Dealer

· Middle management team

· The technology team

· Branch Manager

· Regional director

· Excellent manager

· Entrepreneurial team




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