Company Introduction


Who we are?

New Ferry Experience is a professional destination management company focused on assisting customers to build a great team, improve team cohesion, and enhance their sense of belonging!


What Do We Do?

As a unique and innovative destination management company, we assist you complete company theme activities, incentive travel and team building. We can help you with project planning and ground execution.


Our Feature

Innovation: innovation is an important factor in attracting participants, no one will be moved by constant routines. Let your employees enjoy a experienced journey they never have, dive into a completely new role, find an unknown self this is the charm of innovation. Take team building as an example, we won't take you to attend modeled traditional project, we will use Cooper's learning circle theory, based on different environmental conditions, design more targeted experiential learning program for your team.


Experience: Only experience can last. Adults' ability in learning new things is reducing and weakening, only participation and experience can have a long influence in hearts. Our activities planning aim to create classical memory, a person's life ultimately consist of sparkling moments, we will create the most memorable moment in your life.


Customized: we plan unique theme activities for your company. from the beginning of the project , we maintain close communication with you, according to the current main problems of your company, and understanding of personal status of each participant, we make a customized program for you.




Tel: +86 10 64528798
Room3-1-1205,Meilifang Building No.11,Shuangying Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing China,100020

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