Traditional Incentive Travel Rewards


Cash is nice, but it seems that financial rewards are usually spent on day-to-day living expenses and quickly forgotten. So researchers suggest that cash lacks the ability to motivate in the long-term. Conversely, when employees earn holidays they gain indelible memories and experiences that they can recall and share. Let’s face it, we don’t get excited about other people’s bank balances, but everyone loves a new and fascinating vacation story.


Traditional incentive travel refers to splendid trip carefully designed by professional services organization for those who have made outstanding contributions to the company. On the one hand, incentive travel is a reward to the participants, on the other hand ,it also has stimulant effect on other employees.


Management experts pointed out that "incentive travel" make employees feel the sense of belonging to the company, thus they will work harder in the future. A survey of the United States in 2005 showed that 80% of respondents believed that "incentive travel" was more memorable than cash bonuses. The International Association of Award Travel also find that "incentive travel" make some employees enhance the performance of 20%.







Luxury experiences are more thrilling


Tangible rewards are much easier to promote and get excited about. They can be a topic of conversation and can fire the imagination of those likely to receive them. The idea can be shared with friends and colleagues, which creates a much higher perceived value.



They are the cornerstone of the company, so make them feel the respect and honored.


In addition, the company leaders’ present is undoubtedly a great honor for participants. Celebrities participate in an activity for award travel can also surprise the participants.




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